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Full Convert Enterprise is a powerful and feature-complete database converter
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Full Convert Enterprise is a conversion tool intended for handling huge databases: it can take an XLS (Excel native format) file with lots of data and convert it into a Microsoft Access database, dBase, FoxPro, Oracle, Lotus, My SQL or even txt-formatted data. The program is easy to use because it has a wizard that guides you through the conversion process. It can even search for your files and determine the types of databases you have on your hard disks.

Once you find the file you want to convert, you will be asked to specify the location for the new database ane the format you want to convert the data to. Then the wizard will let you select the tables you want to include, analyzing if there are tables that don’t contain any records. This way you can choose to skip those tables and not include them in the new file, or customize each table - for instance, to convert a table but save it under another name or remove some columns or fields.

Finally, the wizard will ask you if wish to convert your database immediately or explore the target database and then convert it manually. In this step, you can choose to customize the whole project, running an SQL script before or after conversion, and set the options for the text conversion. After that, when you click the “Convert” button, the program will start the conversion.

When the process concludes, you’ll see a summary including the errors found during the process: empty tables or missing primary key values, some others may refer to data that cannot be sorted by type, non-existent SQL scripts, or non-existent tables. Finally you will see the contents of each table and you can modify the records or change the behavior of the columns. Then you can print the data, add columns, compare tables with different record counts, etc.

If your conversions are a recurrent task, you can schedule them.

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  • The program can handle databases with many tables, with thousands of cells containing data


  • The trial version is rather limited
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